down the

  C U L T U R E   T R A I L 

After coming up with a concept in 2012 to create a world class sculpture trail along the Lachlan River between Forbes and Condobolin I have had nothing but amazing support from our community. A big idea...I admit... but as suggested by this quote by Gloria Steinem... “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities”. AND SO it would seem... pertinent that the town of Forbes and others close by embrace the concept and we become a sculptural hub. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote our town and region through art and sculpture.

Checkout www.sculpturedownthelachlan.com and see what we've been up to! 
It is very exciting that Grazing Down The Lachan in partnership with Evolution Mining is hosting an annual foodie adventure out on the stock route, by the banks of the Lachlan to help purchase a sculpture annually. For more information visit www.grazingdownthelachlan.com

Sculpture by Gillie & Marc