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Rosie is available to help edit or re-decorate a room or complete house!

She has a knack of using existing furniture and pieces  by reworking them, de cluttering and suggesting the odd new piece to pull the whole concept together.


Hanging artwork is her specialty, she has an eye for it and can often make a suggestion that you would never have contemplated!


Rosie could be just the person you need to spend a day or just a couple of hours to support you with some creative concepts. EMAIL ROSIE for details and hourly rates.






Walla Wallah.JPG

"Rosie is clever working with what you have but manages to give each room a new lease of life...and she spring cleans as part of the service!" ELIZABETH


"Redesigning the room was fun... she suggested some artwork styles and then created these beautiful pieces of art...huge canvases that were vibrant and uplifting" LOUISE

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